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Wayland Acquisitions Ltd. is a legally registered operating name for Wayland Construction Ltd. in the province of Manitoba, where a division of the Winnipeg branch is engaged in active real estate investing and working under the guidance of the Stefan Aarnio organization, one of the most successful real estate investing groups across Canada. Wayland Acquisitions engages in various activities such as acquiring depreciated and dilapidated property in the city of Winnipeg for 40-60 cents on the dollar, renovating it to the maximum value it can attain in the local neighborhood at 75 cents on the dollar, dealing with closing and holding costs of 5 cents on the dollar and earning a profit that is 20 cents on the dollar. Our goal is to work with local investors to provide them with a 6-9% semi annual return on any money that they invest or 50% of the profit if they finance 100% of the venture. Any money invested is secured by a registered mortgage on the property charged there by their real estate lawyer.

The purpose of the company's investment in real estate in Winnipeg is to provide jobs for the community, slowly gentrify transitional neighbors,  provide investors with a return on their investment while also making a profit as a result of doing good business and working with others.

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