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Based in Toronto and serving the GTA, surrounding areas and Winnipeg in Manitoba, our carpenters have worked with numerous clients. Whether your project is a deck, fence or a backyard structure, Wayland Construction will help you realize your project while suiting both your vision and your budget. 

Why Us?

 All our on site carpenters are experts in outdoor custom fine carpentry. Our project managers have the creative expertise and the flexibility to design with you the deck you have been dreaming of.​
We are a customer service oriented company and we want all our clients to be involved with us in every stage of their project. 

About The Managing Director


Meet Jonathan Shkiler

Upon graduating from Earl Haig Secondary School in 2012, Jonathan decided not to immediately pursue a higher education and chose to obtain some real world experience by getting a regular minimum wage job instead. He worked as a warehouse merchandiser at the lumberyard of one of the top performing RONA stores across canada, due to having to fill massive material orders each day for the hundreds of custom houses that were being built nearby within the North York, Toronto area at the time. It was a humble position that consisted of sweeping floors and loading construction materials into the trucks of the dozens of contractors who would frequently shop there each day. Jonathan used the opportunity working at RONA to meet hundreds of different trades people who he would interview, and ask for life advice, each day while loading their trucks with lumber or a variety of different assorted construction materials. He eventually left that minimum wage job to attain a college education and pursue internships with realtors and lawyers at the insistence of his parents who wanted him to have a respectable professional career. Jonathan eventually realized that his true passion was about both building and creating, which lead him to abandon his prior professional interests and instead gain invaluable experience in the carpentry trade, primarily specializing in outdoor wood work. In 2017, Jonathan partnered up with Patrick Nedza, another successful entrepreneur with a proven track record, to incorporate the business and Wayland Construction Ltd. was born. Today Wayland Construction has achieved several times the size and the scale it once had at its infancy and we owe it to both our values and our great clients who are attracted by our values. A small pebble rolling down a mountain will eventually become a rockslide.  These are the forces that pushed the first pebble. Without vision, teamwork, integrity, gratitude and community, none of this is even possible.



Post Install

Custom outdoor woodworking projects

Fence building

Want to do the carpentry work yourself but want the foundations to be professional installed? Give us a call today!

fence builder fence lattice

Fence building

Custom outdoor woodworking projects

Fence building

Are you a contractor looking to subcontract work to a fence building crew? Look no further! Our fence building specialists will quickly and professionally complete the wood working for the fence for market competitive labour costs!

deck fence carpenter fence builder deck builder

Custom outdoor woodworking projects

Custom outdoor woodworking projects

Custom outdoor woodworking projects

Have that itch for that unique outdoor wood structure in your backyard? Speak to one of our project managers today about making your dream backyard project a reality. 

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As seen on the Globe and Mail

Under contract with the general contractor, we constructed the deck, fence, sliding gate, balustrade and pergola that was then featured in an article of the Globe and Mail home of the week! Click the button below to be directed to the article. Video of project is below!